PVN attended the 8th World National Oil Congress

PVN attended the 8th World National Oil Congress - 

According to the information from PVN, a mission of PVN headed by the Director General Do Van Hau attended the 8th World National Oil Congress held from 13 to 16 May 2014 in London, United Kingdom.

President and CEO Do Van Hau at the Congress.

This is a forum for the senior leaders of the National Oil and Gas Companies for discussion on the issues of the most interests today in oil and gas sector, directions to solve the challenges in strategy for mobilizing the capital, managing the risk in oil and gas exploration, exploitation and environment; seeking the new business and investment opportunities over the world.

Speaking at the Conference, the Director General of PetroVietnam Exploration and Production Corporation (PVEP) Do Van Khanh presented the overview on oil and gas industry in Vietnam, the potential and collaboration opportunities, sharing experience, calling for investment among the PVN, PVEP and the national and international oil and gas companies in seeking and explorating oil and gas in Vietnam and around the world on the basis of cooperation of mutual benefit, with compliance of international laws and oil and gas routines.

At the Congress, the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group informed the international oil and gas community about the China Oceanography Oil Corporation (CNOOC) to put drilling rig illegally in Lot 143 area laying entirely in the Exclusive Economic Zone and continental shelf of Vietnam, belonging to the sovereign rights and jurisdiction of Vietnam in accordance with the 1982 UNCLOS. PetroVietnam affirmed sovereignty of Vietnam on it’s territories and waters. With a spirit of straightforward exchange PVN also opposed the actions of China on the continental shelf of Vietnam recently.

On the occasion, PetroVietnam Director General Do Van Hau had a meeting with the senior leaders of some strategic partners and partners from the Middle East, Africa as Perenco, Shell...for discussion on the implementation of existing projects and the new opportunities of cooperation. PVN mission members also had a visite to Schlumberger Research Center (SRC), where they were introduced about the technology for strengthening exploitation production, optimizing process of oil and gas exploration and exploitation. There was an exchange of the ability of cooperation between PVEP and SRC on enhancement of withdrawing factor in oil and gas exploration and exploitation.

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