PTSC set up a global position on petroleum technology services

PTSC set up a global position on petroleum technology services - 

Speaking at 2014 Annual Shareholder Congress of Viet Nam Petroleum Technology Services Corporation (PTSC), Deputy Director General of PVN Nguyen Hung Dung stated " PTSC is setting up  it’s position and trade-mark in the map of leading services suppliers over the world. It makes a premise and a passport for PTSC to enter into services market of  the region and of the world as well.

According to the report, in 2013 overcoming many difficulties PTSC completed excessively the setting targets for the fiscal year, maintained the growth rate and satisfied the development strategy. PTSC also set up an Action Plan and took drastic measures for the direction, so it’s competitive capability has been promoted and some of the results in oversea markets have been obtained that created more jobs for the employees.

PTSC financial achievements in 2013 are: total turnover was VND 29,114 billion (110% of the plan); in which, from production and business was 25,419 billion (106% of the plan); pretax profit was 2,269 billion (227% of the plan); and aftertax profit reached 1,700 billion ( 215% of the plan)

In 2014, PTSC sets a goal for turnover of 25,200 billion dongs, pretax profit of 1,100 billion dongs.

Besides, PTSC will carry out several important tasks such as: forming alternatives for restructuring organization, management and excution apparatus and production and business operations agreed with the new situation; concentrating resources to develop 6 key services, ensuring supply of high qualified specific petroleum technical services; improving and promoting marketing activities with a focus to a number of feasible markets; applying strongly the project on enhancing competitive capability with an aim at the quality of services and the reasonableness of the prices...

The Congress has approved to appoint Mr. Phan Thanh Tung, Deputy Director General of PTSC as an Administrative Council member holding Director General of PTSC.

Highly appraising the activities and achievements of PTSC in the past year, Mr. Nguyen Hung Dung affirmed, the successes that PTSC achieved in 2013 and previous years have forcefully demonstrated a PTSC sound development strategy, which includes many heartfelt contributory opinions from shareholders of PTSC.

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