Four companies under PVN have entered the list of 50 top best listed companies in Vietnam

Four companies under PVN have entered the list of 50 top best listed companies in Vietnam - 

Vietnam Forbes Magazine has announced a list of 50 best listed companies under 13 industries and multidisciplinary sectors in the Vietnamese stock market, including 4   companies under the Petrovietnam (PVN).

Four companies under PVN are: PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (Stock Code: DPM), Vietnam Gas Corporation (GAS), Nhon Trach 2 Power JSC (NT2), PetroVietnam Insurance JSC (PVI).

According to Forbes Vietnam, the total market capitalization of the 50 companies is more than VND 829,000 billion, accounting for 62.14% of the sum of HOSE and HNX market capitalization (on May 16, 2016); the total turnover is more than VND 475,500 billion, accounting for 37.77% of total market turnover and the total after-tax profits is more than VND 53,000 billion, accounting for 53.08% of the total profits of the whole market.

The list of 50 best listed companies of Vietnam has been built to provide information on the listed companies with outstanding business results and high profits for investors. Besides it is also to honor and encourage the spirit of the enterprises.

Forbes Vietnam applied company ranking methods of the Forbes (an American Business Magazine) taking into consideration the characteristics of the businesses listed in Vietnam. The assessment is based on the financial statements audited for 5 consecutive years and fiscal year 2015.

Forbes considered all the listed shares and arranged them by each sector group. The unprofitable shares or the ones in the process of canceling the listing with a too small-scale (market capitalization value is less than VND 300 billion and turnover less than VND150 billion) do not qualify for the shortlist of preliminary consideration.

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