Toshiba invests 10 billion pounds in a Nuclear Power Plant in England

Toshiba invests 10 billion pounds in a Nuclear Power Plant in England - 

According to the Vietnam News Agency, the UK nuclear power industry has just received a good new when one of the biggest corporation in Japan was closer to an agreement to built a nuclear power plant (NPP) worth 10 billion pounds in the Northwest of England.

In the framework of the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to England on the 1st May to promote trade and investment between the two countries, Japan’s Toshiba Corporation and the Nuclear Decision Agency (NDA) of England have signed an agreement on the main terms to manage land area in Sellafied, Northwest of England where the NuGen- a joint–venture between Toshiba, Westinghouse Energy Corporation (UK) and GDF Suez Corporation (France) selected to construction of three new nuclear reactors.

The agreement not only is an important milestone in the target of UK to build a generation of new nuclear plants, but also to show the commitment of Toshiba to the joint-venture that it took part in for only four months ago.

According to British Minister of Energy Ed Dave, the existing nuclear power plants of UK are aged already and need to be replaced. The construction of the new nuclear power plants will create thousands of the jobs and billions pounds of investment in energy sector that is strongly developing in UK.

NuGen joint – venture plans to start operating the first nuclear reactor by 2024 and provide enough electricity for about 6 million households.

Beside NuGen, the two other corporations as EDF and Areva (France) and Hitachi Corporation (Japan) have announced also to build the new NPP projects.

With itself two large corporations that are going to develop the new NPPs in the UK, Japan clearly has become an important partner of the Foggy Country.

In a statement after the talk with Prime Minister Abe, British Prime Minister David Cameron highly appreciated the advances achieved in investment of NPPs in the Northwest region.

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