World Bank proposal on bidding for solar power projects in Vietnam

08:45 |14/02/2020

In its report on "Strategy and competitive bidding framework for solar power projects in Vietnam", the World Bank (WB) has proposed two options for implementing the solar power projects: (1) Competitive bidding for solar parks ...

New gust of interest as wind power tariffs rise

17:37 |28/05/2014

The feed-in tariff for wind power projects could rise above the currently regulated 7.8 US cents in an effort to pave the way for the development of more wind power projects in Vietnam.

Waste not, want not incentives offered

21:37 |25/05/2014

Vietnam has introduced an incentive policy for the first time which will encourage private investors to build waste-generated power projects in Vietnam.

Vietnam will have a lot of opportunities for Renewable Energy Development

07:53 |21/05/2014

The conference “Supporting Renewable Energy development and Sharing experience between France and Vietnam" with participation of the 7 French enterprises held on May, 20. This is an opportunity for Vietnam get more new co-operations ...

Siemens provides 150 wind turbines for largest Dutch offshore project

13:57 |16/05/2014

The Gemini consortium has signed all construction, operations and financing contracts yesterday with a total construction budget of nearly EUR 3 billion. With more than 20 parties involved 70 percent of this budget will be ...

U.S Congress is considering the agreement on nuclear energy with Vietnam

10:45 |11/05/2014

According to the Vietnam News Agency, on May 8th 2014, the U.S. Congress began considering the agreement on the nuclear energy with Vietnam (Agreement 123), in which supporters considered this agreement will bring billions of ...

Vietnam and the United States officially signed an agreement on nuclear energy

06:45 |07/05/2014

Authorized by Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and President of the United States Barack Obama , on May 5th 2014, the Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of ...

Toshiba invests 10 billion pounds in a Nuclear Power Plant in England

16:10 |05/05/2014

According to the Vietnam News Agency, the UK nuclear power industry has just received a good new when one of the biggest corporation in Japan was closer to an agreement to built a nuclear power ...

Japan will export nuclear power to Turkey and UAE

08:36 |28/04/2014

According to Vietnam News Agency, April 18th, the Japanese Congress approved a civil nuclear agreement with Turkey and United Arabs Emirates, according to that, Japan will export nuclear power reactors to these rapid developing

British Government has turned on a “Green Light” for the 8 clean energy projects

08:13 |28/04/2014

The British Government has just turned on a “Green Light” for the 8 large clean energy projects, among which there are 5 offshore wind power and 3 biomass energy projects.

Political Fuel

10:26 |24/04/2014

Ukraine’s national utility Energoatom and the U.S.’s Westinghouse Electric Co. intend to sign a nuclear fuel supply deal for three reactors of the country’s nuclear power plants. ROSATOM raises concerns: this decision can jeopardize safety ...

Legal corridor for biomass power projects

10:03 |18/04/2014

Land rental and land use fees of biomass power projects, grid systems and transformer stations connected to the National grid will be exempted and reduced according to current laws applied for projects in the fields ...

A Leadership Guarantee

08:36 |15/04/2014

Moscow hosted a science and practice conference of ROSATOM’s specialists on the Proryv Project, which, if successful, will ensure Russia’s leadership in the world’s power engineering.

Landville given final warning

13:43 |11/04/2014

South Korea’s Landville Energy has failed to persuade the Ninh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee to extend the timeline for studying the feasibility of a wind farm in the province.

Warning LandVille on the progress of Renewable Energy Project in Ninh Thuan Province

08:45 |10/04/2014

Vice President of Ninh Thuan Provicial People's Committee (PPC) Tran Xuan Hoa signed a paper to recall LandVille Energy Corporation (Korea) to the delay of implementing procedures for investing wind power project in accordance ...

Anniversary of Friendship

15:55 |08/04/2014

An evening function on the occasion of the 30-th anniversary of the cooperation in development of nuclear technologies between the two countries was held in Dalat (Vietnam).