Localizing coal exploitation technology

Localizing coal exploitation technology - 

In order to increase productivity and production, the Vinacomin Machinery Joint Stock Company conducted a research on producing VMC E500-1 stone excavators, creating a breakthrough in the coal sector as well as the mechanical industry, contributing to gradually reducing the dependence on imported equipment.

Towards a localization rate of 70 percent

Almost all mining companies previously used stone excavators with a capacity of 0.3-0.6cu.m such as China’s ZCY60 and Poland’s 612C excavators. According to statistics, Vietnam imported about 160 excavators. However, these excavators cost US$80,000-100,000 per machine.

In 2010, the Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin) assigned the Vinacomin Machinery Joint Stock Company to produce VMC E500-1 stone excavators with a capacity of 0.5-0.6cu.m in order to replace imported equipment. After a long period of research and manufacturing, in September 2012, the company successfully conducted research on producing the VMC E500-1 stone excavators. To date, the company has produced 13 machines serving production with a localization rate of 55 percent. Ha Lam Coal, Khe Cham Coal, Thong Nhat Coal, Vang Danh, Nam Mau Coal and a construction unit have used these excavators.

According to the company leaders, its research has played a key role. Stone excavators have a high localization rate, leading to lower prices compared to imported equipment while still maintaining essential features. To improve product quality and reduce prices, the company is conducting a research to increase the localization rate of from 40 percent to 60-70 percent in the 2014-2015 period for stone excavators.

Modernizing coal exploitation technology

Quang Ninh Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations Permanent Deputy Chairman cum Secretary-General Dinh Quang Hai said that the project on producing VMC E500-1 stone excavators was highly appreciated among 203 projects from 340 authors. The implementation of the project has brought a significant meaning, contributing to modernizing coal exploitation technology and equipment and increasing productivity and efficiency. It was seen as a breakthrough of the coal sector as well as the mechanical industry.

Vinacomin Machinery Joint Stock Company Deputy Director Le Viet Su said that member units have highly appreciated VMC E500-1 stone excavators. Some features remain superior compared to the same kind of imported equipment. The company completed documents based on technical regulations and was allowed to put into mass production. In addition, the company has offered warranties, maintenance and spare part replacement for units. In the near future, the company will further complete the manufacturing process, improve quality and increase the localization rate for stone excavators.

The successful production of the VMC E500-1 stone excavator has contributed to confirming the company’s brand, increased revenues and created more jobs for employees.

Source: VEN

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