Official operating the website

Official operating the website - 

After a period of test operation, Vietnamese Energy Newsroom has officially launched the electronic information (The common voice of Vietnamese Energy Sector) to the readers.

Readers of Vietnamese Energy Newsroom are very multiform and specific – including not only domestic, but also international readers and many economic organizations, foreign companies interested in Vietnamese energy sector.

On the other hand, the demand of image, brands, products advertising of domestic enterprises to international friends continuously rises. Hence, the establishment is very necessary to meet the need of the above information.

We recognized that sustainable development and energy security strategy in Vietnam is one of the issue that need top priority. However, now, Vietnamese energy sector has not got English propaganda channel consistent between sub-sectors (electricity, coal, oil and gas, nuclear power, renewable energy ...) to orient public opinion to international friends. Therefore, - The common voice of Vietnamese energy sector established to meet the above essential requirements.

During the recent test operation period, we received many valuable suggestions from domestic and international agencies, businesses, managers, scientists, energy experts, colleagues, readers.

We would like to acknowledge and respect your special attention. Your opinions and propaganda contents on are also the targets we tend to in the future.

Your’s Faithfully,


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