Doosan with the Community Service Day

Doosan with the Community Service Day - 

On October 24th 9,700 executives and employees from 13 countries in Doosan’s global workforce of 36,000 will rise and put their backs into community service at 130 sites around the world as part of the first “Doosan Day of Community Service.

As planned, Doosan will renovate schools, help the elderly, teach children, build roads and help in a myriad of other ways in Vietnam, Korean the UK, Brazil, the USA, Germany and several other countries around the world.”

YM Park, Chairman of the Doosan Group, a Korean global MNC spoke to worldwide employees in a video taped message from Korea; he said, “The Doosan Day of Community Service will see Doosan people and our communities join hands in a globe circling festival of love and sharing; Doosan is more than 100 years old and sharing our time and resources with our neighbors is an ingrained part of our historical corporate citizenship initiatives.” Hang Ha Ryu Senior Vice President Doosan Heavy Industries of Korea and CEO at Doosan Vina said, “DDCS has many facets, but helping people in our communities and allowing Doosan people to share in this and have a sense of accomplishment is core to our purpose.”

In Vietnam Doosan Vina contributed 450M VND or $22,000 for the "Doosan Day of Community Service." The DDCS in Vietnam took place in Quang Ngai Province, where Doosan Vina is located in the Dung Quat Economic Zone, and focused on Binh Thuan Primary School which neighbors the company’s $300 million state-of-the-art industrial complex. On the 24th work will be completed that began a couple weeks ago to construct a new 38 meter restroom/toilet facility, a football field and a covered rest area/garden that is complete with traditional bonsai plants.

The three new facilities will improve education through better hygiene, providing better sport and exercise opportunities and by giving the students and faculty a place to study, rest and relax. In addition to the new structures and sport field hundreds of Doosan Vina volunteers, whose mantra of the day “Proud People, Proud Doosan,” will lend a helping hand to clean the entire campus top-to-bottom during the course of the Doosan Day of Community Service on October 24th.

Including the DDCS program, Doosan Vina has held five service programs to benefit Binh Thuan Primary School. The first was in February 2012 when classrooms and the grounds were renovated, a library was setup and supplied, computers were donated, new desks and furniture brought in along with up-to-date supplies and teaching material. In addition to the countless company supported employee hours a total of nearly 1 billion VND or $50,000 has been donated to Binh Thuan Primary School over the last three years.

The cost for the global Doosan Day of Community Service, (DDCS) “A festival of Love and Sharing” will be several million dollars, Doosan revealed.

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