Phu Quoc to launch new power projects

Phu Quoc to launch new power projects - 

Vietnam Electricity Group’s Southern Power Corporation (EVN SPC) said that apart from providing power from the national power grid for the island district of Phu Quoc via the 110kV undersea cable line it would build new power plants to ensure stable power supply in the district.

EVN SPC is looking to build a Phu Quoc Thermopower Plant from 2014-2020 in Ganh Dau Commune, about 35km from Duong Dong Town. The plant would have a capacity of 200MW if it is coal-fueled or 230MW if it is gas-fueled.

EVN SPC would also consider other potential power resources such as wind and solar energy with a capacity of 10MW, while increase the capacity of the 110kV Phu Quoc T2-40MVA Station for completion in the second quarter of this year and operation by 2015. A 27km, 110kV transmission line would be built from 2016-2020 connecting the Phu Quoc Thermopower Plant with the 100kV Phu Quoc Station.

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