"PetroVietnam is acting in Exclusive Economic Zone of Vietnam"


Speaking at an international press conference on situation of the East Sea held by Ministry of Foreign Affairs on May 23th, Mr. Do Van Hau - Director General of PetroVietnam affirmed, all of petroleum activities of Vietnam are carrying out completely on Vietnamese continental shelf and the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) determined in accordance with the provisions of the 1982 UNCLOS.

Mr. Hau said, Vietnam has implemented petroleum exploration and exploitation in it’s continental shelf and EEZ since ahead 1975.

To the concrete, from 1969 - 1970, under the administration of Southern Viet Nam (Republic of Vietnam) a line of about 12,000 kilometers on continental shelf of Southern Vietnam (Cuu Long, Nam Con Son, Ma Lai - Tho Chu and Tu Chinh-Vung May basins) was surveyed by 2D seismic method combined with aviation gravity method

In 1973 – 1974 years, with the cooperation between Vietnam and Western Geological and Geophysical Services Inc (USA) the projects: A74-HS (3373km) on Central Vietnam offshore covering the Hoang Sa Archipelago of Vietnam including the present 141, 142, 143, 144 petroleum lots and WA74-PKB (5.328 km) on the Phu Khanh seacoast was also surveyed by 2D seismic method.

"The mentioned above seismic surveying projects confirm that Viet Nam has implemented the field surveys and petroleum exploration in the Vietnam’s waters for a long time", Mr.Hau said.

Since the foundation of Petroleum General Department (the pioneer of PetroVietnam at present) in 1975, the petroleum activities have been carried out strongly and broadly on the whole continental shelf and the EEZ of Viet Nam, including Hoang Sa, Truong Sa and Tu Chinh- Vung May areas. From 1986, when the National Assembly of Vietnam ratified 1982 UNCLOS, the petroleum exploration and exploitation are implemented only in the scope of EEZ of Viet Nam.

"PetroVietnam has signed 99 contracts on petroleum exploration exploitation, among which 60 contracts are in force. The volume of the seeking, exploring and exploiting works on the sea and continental shelf of Viet Nam already reached 500,000 km by 2D seismic survey, over 50,000 km2 by 3D seismic survey and about 900 drilling wells. It is necessary to repeated that all the petroleum activities of PetroVietnam and PVN partners are carrying out in the EEZ of Viet Nam." Mr. Hau stressed.

Mr. Hau added that there is no any petroleum lot placed outside of the 200 mile continental shelf and EEZ of Vietnam recognized by the international community. The areas, that China calls a disputed ones are South East area, named Tu Chinh- Vung May beach, the Central Viet Nam area and Hoang Sa area. Previously, in Hoang Sa area the seismic surveys were carried out by the Vietnam Republic administration, and recently the surveys have been continued by PetroVietnam. The surveying works are implementing actively

Responding to the Press questionnaire, China side said "Viet Nam has distributed 57 petroleum lots, 7 of them, that already put into operation, and 37 drilling rigs are in disputed areas"

Director General of PetroVietNam affirmed that in the Central Viet Nam sea, where CNOOC Company of China calls for the bids, PVN is still carrying out the petroleum activities. No any international company has signed the bids with China so far. The petroleum activities of PVN are implemented normally, accordantly with 1982 UNCLOS. We always implement the petroleum activities publicly but have no any obstacle and objection so far. This fact shows that China said the 57 lots distributed by Viet Nam being in the disputed area is completely wrong.

"China has not provided any legal basis to justify its point of view. Viet Nam affirms that all the petroleum activities of Viet Nam are completely conducted in the Vietnamese continental shelf determined in accordance with the provisions of 1982 UNCLOS. This reality is recognized by the international community" said Mr. Hau.

Also according to Mr. Hau, for a long time Viet Nam always carry out the effective management and exploitation, including petroleum activities in it’s EEZ and continental shelf. The above point of view of China actually is an aim to turn the undisputed area into disputed area. The attempt of China is to realize its "cow's tongue line" claim which is condemned by the international community. Viet Nam firmly objects this untrue point of view and confirms the determination to protect its legitimate rights by the peace means in accordance with the international laws.

Mentioning the anticipation of oil and gas reserves on Vietnamese continental shelf, Mr. Hau said, according to PVN estimate, there are 4-6 billion tons of oil and PVN has no assessment for the outside of this area. In the area, where China is drilling, PVN had some surveys but not yet drilled, so it can not confirm whether oil exists or not. The oil may be probable there but the prospect is not significant.

"PVN will continue the normal activities in these areas and other areas of the Vietnamese continental shelf and exclusive economic zones ", Mr. Hau repeated.

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