Vietnam’ effort to reduce greenhouse gases

Vietnam’ effort to reduce greenhouse gases - 

Vietnam is a developing country, which does not cause climate change, but sustains a lot of effects from climate change. The Government of Vietnam considers to deal with the climate change as an issue with the vital meaning, that’s why Vietnam always expresses the highest efforts to go together with the international community to deal with global climate change.

On October 30, 2015, in Da Nang city, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment held a Conference to announce the Report on the contribution of Vietnam to the New Global Agreement on climate change. This is one of efforts of Vietnam to go side by side with the world community in the fight against the incalculable harms caused by climate change.

Facing the actual situations in the world and Vietnam, the international community was and is harrying up to carry out negotiations on climate change to establish a New Global Agreement on Climate that expects to be adopted at the 21st Conference of parties to the Climate Convention (COP21) in Paris (France) at the end of this year.

Along with other countries, Vietnam has built the INDC and sent it to UN Secretariat of the Framework Convention on Climate Change.

In its INDC Vietnam commits to reduce 8% greenhouse gas emission up to 2030 by domestic resources. In detail, it is to decrease emission intensity per GDP unit for 20% and increase forest cover up to 45%. In case of the international assistance, the emission will be reduced up to 25%.

The Government of Vietnam has issued many policies on energy saving and efficiency use, priority for renewable energy development, environmental protection and afforesting.

The contributions of Vietnam’ INDC focus on the spheres of energy (including transport), agriculture (including land use, land use change and forestry) and wastes. The contributions of adaptation focus on agriculture, water resources, forestry in the delta, coast, mountain and urban areas.

The INDC shows responsibility and highest efforts of Vietnam in mitigating global climate change.

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