Correcting hydropower planning in Central Highlands region

Correcting hydropower planning in Central Highlands region - 

At the regular Press Conference of the Government on May 4, 2016, answering questions from journalists about the government’s viewpoint on planning and implementation plan of hydropower projects in Central Highlands region, Mr. Mai Tien Dung, Chairmen of Government Office affirmed: the Government has steered related ministries, sectors and localities to check, correct and supplement hydropower planning in Central Highlands region with a multipurpose target as power generation, flood control in rainy season and water supply for the lowland in dry season.

At the present, that some hydropower projects are having been prepared for development in the national parks, protective forests as Drang Phok project in Yok Don national park (Dak Lak province), Suoi Say 1 and Suoi Say 2 in Kon Chu Rang Natural Preserved Area (Gia Lai province) cause concern for affecting ecosystems.

About the current situation of developing these projects, Mr. Mai Tien Dung said: Drang Phok hydropower project is on main flow of Srepok river, in Krong Na commune, Buon Don district, Dak Lak province. This 26 MW project with a dam expected to site in the scope of Yok Don national park has been included in a planning project approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade under Decision No 6404/QĐ-BCT, 07/12/2010. At this time, the project is still in stage of Investment Report and the People Committee of Dak Lak province is steering investor to establish Environmental Impact Report and submit the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for appraisal and approval.

Based on the appraisal, competence level would decide to allow the project developed or not.

Regarding Suoi Say 1&2 projects in Gia Lai province, that are only in the stage of proposal of a investor for Gia lai People Committee to supplement it to the Planning of the Small and Medium Hydropower Projects in Gia Lai province. Gia Lai People Committee has the official viewpoint to not accept developing this project due to it’s dam (about 6 ha) sited in Krong Chu Rang Natural Preserved Area (Kbang district).

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