Comments of Ministry of construction on solar power project in Binh Phuoc province

Comments of Ministry of construction on solar power project in Binh Phuoc province - 

The Ministry of Construction has just haven the written comments on planning project for development of solar power in Binh Phuoc Province up to 2020, with a vision to 2030, including specific contents of the survey report on the planning and connection options.

A working meeting between EVN and the Missions of Binh Phuoc's PPC.

According to the Ministry of Construction, development of renewable energy projects is not only a trend of the world but in Vietnam. This sector is being encouraged to contribute to the supply of electricity to the national grid. Therefore, in order for solar projects to be implemented in accordance with the plan and planning, ensuring the socio-economic efficiency of the project in the area, the establishment of the project for solar power development planning in the locality to submit it to competent authorities for approval as a basis for implementation is necessary.

After the study, the Ministry of Construction has basically agreed on the content of the project developed by Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company No. 2 (December 2017). It is emphasized that the planning project has proposed criteria for assessing and selecting solar projects, including important criteria such as: average solar radiation, land use, convenient transmission grid connection…

However, Ministry of Construction would like to ask the Consulting Company to supplement the comments, assessments on the current situation in more detail, to stick to the criteria for ensuring the proposing solar power projects in the planning are fully accurate and effective.

Besides, due to the specific characteristics of solar power project that generates electricity only in the daytime, so the options for connecting it to the regional electricity grid need to be analyzed and evaluated more specifically to ensure the given requirements.

At the same time, it is necessary to generally supplement carrying out the planning projects of construction and other sectors in area related to the proposed solar power projects to ensure that solar power projects do not affect the other planning projects in the area and guarantee the feasibility and efficiency.

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