Adjusting Vietnam Coal industry development planning

Adjusting Vietnam Coal industry development planning - 

The Prime Minister has just approved the adjustment project of Vietnam Coal industry development planning to 2020 and prospect till 2030.

The target of the adjustment project is to build Vietnam Coal sector to become a developed industry with the high competitiveness and advanced technologic standards in comparison with the regional countries in coal exploration, mining, sort out, processing and use; sufficiently satisfy coal for domestic need, especially for electricity generation.

Accordingly, the total amount of coal reserves and resources in the country to December 31, 2015, is about 48.88 billion ton, including about 2.26 billion tons of reserves and 46.62 billion tons of resources, of which - 0.34 billion tons of peat.

Coal reserves and resources mobilized to planning is approximately 3.05 billion tons, including 1.22 billion tons of reserves and 1.83 billion tons of resources, of which - 0.06 billion tons of peat.

Coal exploration must be always ensured a step ahead, and concentrating exploration for upgrading existing coal resources to sufficiently prepare reliable amounts for designing exploitation in accordance with the planning.

Investing a number of the test projects in Red River Coal basin

Carrying out planning of the small mines into the large ones; developing production by sustainable, effective orientation; maximally utilizing landfills and investing a number of the test projects in the Red River Coal basin to select a reasonable mining technology.

In 2016-2020 period, to invest for improving, extending increasing capacity 9 mine projects (4 projects in Cam Pha, 4 in Hon Gai and 1 in Uong Bi) and for new developing 41 mine projects (17 projects in Cam Pha, 7 in Hon Gai, 17 in Uong Bi).

To invest for improving and extending the existing open-cast mines by advanced technology and modern equipment for accelerating mining production;To invest for extending and increasing capacity Na Duong coal mine.

Regarding Red River Coal basin, in 2021-2030 period, to invest a number of test projects by pit mining method and underground coal gasification technology in the areas where exploration has been made for foundation to invest project development with an industrial scale and/or implement some more test projects (if necessary) for selecting reasonable mining method and technology.

For coal sort out and processing planning: to develop synchronous, concentrative sort out systems and step by step reduce the small screening clusters; process at a maximal level coal sorts for power generation; diversify products to meet domestic demand

The new screening projects will be developed in 2016 – 2020 period as: Vang Danh 2, capacity of about 2 million tons/year; Khe Than - 2.5 million tons/year, Hon Gai - 5 million tons/year (developing a new module 1 - 2.5 million tons/year in Ha Khanh ward and maintaining existing Nam Cau Trang project - 2.5 million tons/year until the end of 2018, then moving it to location of Hon Gai project as the module 2); Khe Cham - 7 million tons/year and Lep My - 4 million tons/year.

Khe Than project will be extended to capacity of abut 5 million tons/year in 2021-2030 period.

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