The superstructure of BK-21 Wellhead Rig at Bach Ho field has been successfully launched

The superstructure of BK-21 Wellhead Rig at Bach Ho field has been successfully launched - 

On September 1, 2020, as scheduled, the Construction Enterprise (under Vietsovpetro - the Vietnam - Russia Joint Venture) successfully launched the superstructure of BK-21 Wellhead Rig at Bach Ho (White Tiger) field.

The BK-21 is an unmanned wellhead rig designed, manufactured and installed at Bach Ho field.

The BK-21 rig including the base block with a minor port, the temporary drilling floor, the Riser and J-tube pipelines; superstructure ... designed for 9 exploiting wells has a total weight of more than 2,360 tons, in which: the base block weight is 632T, piles - 809T, minor port - 39T, temporary drilling floor - 47T and superstructure - 840T. The BK-21 rig is placed near to MSP6, MSP7 fixed drilling rigs.

The product exploited from BK-21 will be transmitted to MSP-6 by the latent pipelines. BK-21 is powered from MSP-6, receives gas-lift and seam juice from MSP-7.

The units in Vietsovpetro have proactively designed by themselves and implemented 100% domestic manufacture with a high localization rate, proactively carried out onshore testing activities for minimizing offshore construction time.

Up to now, the onshore activities have been completed and offshore construction works expect to be started on Sept. 04, 2020 with participation of Hoang Sa crane ship and 130 employees working continuously in 2 shifts per day.

The Construction Enterprise has determination to complete the project with safety and quality in schedule time and put the first oil flow before October 31, 2020 to contribute to completion of exploiting PVN Oil plan in 2020.


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