The innovation of Dung Quat Refinery saves VND 226 billion per year

The innovation of Dung Quat Refinery saves VND 226 billion per year - 

  The Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) announced the projects awarded with the “Vietnam Fund for Scientific and Technological Creations (VIFOTEC)” prize. Among the awarded projects there is the third prize of the engineer Dao Xuan Gioi and his coworkers in Binh Son Single Member Refining and Petrochemical Company Ltd (BSR) with the “Solutions for decreasing bridge wall temperature (BWT), flue gas temperature, and saving fuel for H-1101 heat gain furnace at the crude oil distilling unit (CDU) of Dung Quat Refinery”.

The Authors of the thirt prizes

This project that has been officially applied in BSR since November of 2012 increases reliability of H-1101 in operation process with a furnace efficiency of over 85% at 105% capacity, while for TPC contractor the efficiency is accepted as 83% at 100% capacity.

Economic effect of the project is over $ 11 million per year (226 billion VND) including about $ 9.5 million by fuel gas saving and about $1.8 million by steam saving while the investment costs for implementing the innovation were only over $ 57 thousand.

Moreover, this project still creates very favorable condition for the plant to increase the processing capacity to 110% without any obstacle in operation process of H-1101 in CDU.

Mr. Gioi informed that according to the design, under the normal working conditions of H-1101 in CDU at 100% capacity, the BWT was 8150C and the flue gas temperature was 2780C. However, in commercial operation process the temperatures were always higher above values that caused fuel waste, overload and damage for refractory and hangers… and as well as difficulty for increasing capacity CDU to over 100%.

In project implementation process, the authors carried out adjusting working parameters as strengthen heat exchange of pump circulation circuits (HGO P/A, LGO P/A, Kero P/A and Top P/A); adjust flame shape, air register to ensure full burning, ventilation, O2 odd content…

And at the end, all these activities of researchers led to a result that BWT and flue gas temperature of H-1101 are maintained at design values as 8150C and 2780C and H-1101 is normally operated at 105% capacity with a efficiency of 85%.

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