Su Tu Nau EPCIC Contract Signing Ceremony

Su Tu Nau EPCIC Contract Signing Ceremony - 

The EPCIC contract signing ceremony was held by Cuu Long Joint Operating Company and PTSC Mechanical and Construction Company (PTSC M&C) for developing Su Tu Nau oil field.

EPCIC Contract Signing Ceremony

The Su Tu Nau work-scope encompasses engineering, procurement, construction, transportation and installation, hook-up and commissioning of two wellhead platforms namely Su Tu Nau North and Su Tu Nau South, the modification work of existing platforms (WHP-A, WHP-B, Su Tu Vang Central Processing Platform). The project totally weighs more than 8,500 tons. Of which the volume of Su Tu Nau North and Su Tu Nau South platforms are 2,100 tons and 1,900 tons respectively, each jacket weighs more than 1,000 tons and has 2.500 tons of piles, 60-km pipelines.

Su Tu Nau oil field was discovered in 2005, with an Overall Development Plan –ODP approved by Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam) in 2012.

Over the past 15 years, Cuu Long JOC has been successful in oil & gas survey and exploration activities for 4 offshore gas fields of Vietnam including Su Tu Vang, Su Tu Den, Su Tu Trang and recently Su Tu Nau with capacity at over 2.05 billion barrels, of which recoverable volume is 580 million barrels.

PTSC M&C with over 12 years of experience as a prime contractor for offshore construction projects has been delightfully awarded as a prime EPCIC contractor for this project.

The project is scheduled to be completed within 18 months and it shall be tentatively finished in September 2014. At the first phase, two jackets were launched and installed in October 2013, ready for Cuu Long JOC’s early drilling campaign while topsides and pipelines of Su Tu Nau North and Su Tu Nau South platforms shall be installed in August 2014.

For approximately one year, the project has reached an important milestone in engineering, procurement and construction. Negotiation and choice of T&I contractor are being carried out and it shall be tentatively finalized in 2013.

The contract signing ceremony is the result of the dedicated and co-operative negotiation process between Cuu Long JOC and PTSC M&C, on a win-win spirit. This has also proved concerns, strong supports and close instructions of PVN, PVEP and PTSC.

In addition to the Su Tu Nau Project, PTSC M&C has also been acting as a prime EPCIC contractor for carrying out the Su Tu Vang South West Project developed by Cuu Long JOC simultaneously at block 15.1, offshore Vietnam. The engineering and procurement of the project have been well executed at PTSC M&C’s office in Vung Tau City. The project is tentatively scheduled for completion in Q3/2014.

“Though achievements are sustainable, Cuu Long JOC deeply understands there will be a lot of challenges and difficulties ahead, especially in achieving First Oil of Su Tu Nau and Su Tu Vang South West Projects in Q4/2014. And We believe that with the righteous orientation and instruction of PetroVietnam and PVEP, the constructive support of CLJOC’s partners in block 15.1 and PTSC M&C as a prime EPCIC contractor, these two mentioned projects shall be successfully delivered on-time, under the absolutely safe-manner for workers, environment and assets”, said Dr. Nguyen Phan Phuc, Cuu Long JOC’s General Manager at the ceremony.

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