PV Drilling provides jack-up rig for Rosneft

PV Drilling provides jack-up rig for Rosneft - 

Petrovietnam Drilling & Well Services Corporation (PV Drilling - PVD) has just signed six contracts totaling US$ 42 million with TNK Vietnam B.V. Company  (TNK Vietnam B.V under the  Rosneft Group -  Russia). Accordingly, PVD will provide the jack-up PV Drilling VI rig and well technical services for Rosneft's drilling campaign.

According to the contract, jack-up PV Drilling VI rig will officially serve the Rosneft’s drilling campaign at block 05.3/11 within 3 months. This is the first contract which has been signed between PVD and Rosneft.

Rosneft (Russian Federation) is one of the largest oil producers in the world. This company has started to enter the Vietnamese market in 2013, and currently co-owns oil blocks 06.1 and 05.3/ 11 in Vietnam.

As planed, in 2018 Rosneft will drill two wells at block 06.1 and one well at block 05.3/11.

The successful implementation of these contracts with a high quality and efficiency will be an opportunity for PVD to provide other drilling contracts for Rosneft in coming time.

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