PV Drilling fell under 2014 Best Annual Report Top Ten

PV Drilling fell under 2014 Best Annual Report Top Ten - 

PetroVietnam Drilling and Services JSC (PV Drilling) has received a Prize "The Best Annual Report Top Ten" in a Selection of  2014 Best Annual Report.

This year, there were nearly 700 annual reports from businesses posted on Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi Trading Floors, participating in the selection. The Selective Council had chosen Top 50 businesses with the best annual report, and PV Drilling was honored in the Top Ten.

This year, the enterprise administration issue is a key criterion for assessing and marking. The accuracy of information is measure of transparency, professionalism and ethics, responsibility not only for enterprises, and their shareholders but also for society.

At the Ceremony, the Selective Council emphasized that the good information and administrative system will make the share value of the enterprise increasing for many times in comparison with the business efficiency.

2014 is the seventh year of annual selection organized by the Saigon Stock Exchange Department, Vietnam Securities Investment Newspaper, Hanoi Stock Exchange Department and Dragon Capital Sponsor. Besides, the selection also received professional support from the International Financial Corporation (IFC), the UK Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and a number of independent experts.

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