Nghi Son Refinery Distillation Tower has been successfully installed

Nghi Son Refinery Distillation Tower has been successfully installed - 

Lilama 18 Joint Stock Company in collaboration with Nippon Express (NEX)  has installed the Propane / Propylene Splitter  distillation tower  of  Nghi Son Refinery. It is the one of important  equipment in the plant for separating the Propane/Protylene compounds.

The equipment is putting into the installation location.

According to Vietnam Installation Corporation (Lilama), the distillation tower has a 6.3 m diameter, 95m height and nearly 900 ton weight. The installation was carried out by the 2,000 tons and 800 tons cranes shipped from Europe and Japan.

For installation work favourably taking place, all the phases were carefully preparated by Nippon Express and Lilama 18, and the measures for executing the work had been formed and approved by the JGCS General Contractor.

After the successful installation of distillation tower in the place as designed, Lilama 18 continued to improve the pipeline system and equipment for connection with the Propane / Propylene Splitter distillation tower and install distillation disks inside the equipment with a total volume of about 750 tons.

Up to now, all items performed by Lilama 18 are evaluated to be gurranteed on quality and schedule as the investor planed.

Lilama 18 has installed 120,000ID/125,000ID of UGPX underground pipeline in zones1,2 and GRP pipe; and 4000 tons/4500 tons of material of the two crude oil tanks with a 89m diameter and 21.5m height. The rest of the work volume of the tanks expects to be complete by the ends of October and December, 2015.

Besides, the steel structure installation package in RFCC area, Zone 1 reached over 2,700 tons in total over 6,600 tons. At present Lilama 18 is also very favourably developing 268,000ID of technological pipe for Nghi Son Refinery in Pha Rung workshop (Hai Phong city).

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