Mounting the sign of rig PV Drilling VI

Mounting the sign of rig PV Drilling VI - 

PetroVietnam Drilling & Well Services Corporation (PV Drilling) recently held a ceremony of mounting the sign of rig PV Drilling VI

According to PV Drilling, jackup rig purchasing and newbuilding project PV Drilling VI is deployed at Keppel FELS shipyard, Singapore from 7/2013.

On February 27, 2015, the rig was completed on schedule and guarantee costs set out in the approved budget. After that, the rig was towed to Vietnam to serve drilling campaign at the Kinh Ngu Trang Nam mine of PVEP POC contractor under 1 year drilling contract for certainty and 1-year extension option.

Jackup rip of PV Drilling VI is built under the design standards of Keppel Fels Conpany for the latest generation of Jackup rip - KFELS Class B 2013, can operate in marine areas with the greatest depth of the sea floor of 121.92 m. Rigs are capable of drilling wells construction with a depth of 30,000 ft (approximately 9,144m of drilling depth) and at the same time there are 150 people working directly on the rig.

The operation of rig implemented by coordination of PVD Overseas and PV Drilling on the basis of senior staff and experts from the PVD Overseas with capacity and advanced management system for PV Drilling to create performance of the best practices and the highest safety level.

During operation, from early March 2015 until now, PV Drilling VI rigs operate always safely, stably at high efficiency over 96%.

According to operatio report of PV Drilling VI rig, on October 15th, the 1st drill stem test has discovered oil in the basement floor, brought huge success for drilling activities in the mining areas Kinh Ngu Trang Nam and open up prospects for subsequent wells.

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