Gazprom is preparing to build gas processing plant in Vietnam

Gazprom is preparing to build gas processing plant in Vietnam - 

Gazprom International Corporation (Russian Federation) will build a 250,000 tons per year liquefied gas plant in the Southern Vietnam.  

A Gazaprom’ liquefied gas processing base.

On October 19, Gazprom Corporation had a working meeting with Dong Nai Provincial People’ Committee (PPC) about building a system of the stations to provide liquefied gas for the transportation vehicles and industry in Dong Nai and Southern provinces.

According to Mr. Kramarenko, representative of Gazprom, simultaneously with the plant, a system of liquefied gas extracting stations in provinces also will be developed.

At the meeting, the leaders of Dong Nai PPC informed, Dong Nai province is implementing a program of the green, environmental friendly economic development. Therefore, the use of clean energy as liquefied gas is one of the prior choices.

As known, Dong Nai province is developing a project on using liquefied gas instead of petrol fuel for 500 buses.

For this proposal, the Gazprom side suggests Dong Nai province to facilitate Gazaprom in a sample providing liquefied gas for 500 buses in coming time.

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