The Ia Boong - Chu Prong wind power project has been agreed to investment policy

The  Ia Boong - Chu Prong wind power project has been agreed to investment policy - 

Gia Lai Provincial People's Committee (PPC) has just issued a decision on agreeing to the investment policy for Ia Boong - Chu Prong the wind power project with a capacity of 50 MW of Chu  Prong Renewable Energy Joint Stock Company.

The project has an investment level of more than 1,664 billion VND, which from investors is about 500 billion, accounting for 30%, and from bank loans is 1,165 billion, equal to 70%.

The project includes 10 wind turbines, ground cable or overhead line system with a voltage level of 22 or 35 kV, a 220 kV single circuit line to 220 bus bar of 500 kV Pleiku 2 transformer substation.

The project has an operation period of 50 years from the date of issuing investment policy, and will be developed on an area of 28.8 ha, among that land with term use is 16.8 ha and land with temporary use is 12 ha.

The project investor expects to implement all the procedures as site clearance, compensate…establish and submit for approving FS, technical design, drawings…in the period from October 2020 to January 2021 after competency level approving project investment, and from February to May 2021 to start construction of the project with a tense spirit for putting the project into operation in October 2021 providing for power system an annual average output of about 130,641 MWh.


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