Prepare to construct Renewable Energy Complex in Quang Binh province

Prepare to construct Renewable Energy Complex in Quang Binh province - 

The Green Energy Company Ltd Dohwa has already designed drawings and expects to select contractors for implementing ground leveling and some other items of Renewable Energy Complex with Solar PV and Biomass power projects in Quang Binh province in the first quarter of 2017.

To implement MOU on investment cooperation between Dohwa Engineering Corporation and Quang Binh Provincial People’s Committee (PPC), Dohwa has founded a Business with foreign investment capital under the name of Dohwa Green Energy Company Ltd in Quang Binh province. Dohwa will invest a a biomass fuel briquetting project and a renewable energy complex including a solar PV project capacity of 49.5 MW and a biomass power project, capacity of 49.5 MW.

At the present, Dohwa has been issued the Investment Certificate with land rent term of 50 years and completed procedure for signing investment fund with a sum of VND 3.6 billion.

Besides, Dohwa has also signed a contract with Institute of Energy, Ministry of Industry and Trade for supporting solar PV project development and with coordinated with Quang Binh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for seeking material sources for Biomass power project.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Hoai, the Quang Binh PPC Chairman emphasized that Quang Binh PPC will assist Dohwa to build stone embankment and basic infrastructure outside the projects and direct the relevant departments to help Dohwa to release ground, carry out planning material areas to supply fuel for biomass power project uninterrupted operation… so that the projects could be early operated comfortably and effectively.

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