Kick off a US$ 2 billion Solar Power Project in Ninh Thuan province

Kick off a US$ 2 billion Solar Power Project in Ninh Thuan province - 

Thien Tan Group just had a working meeting with the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) on agreement of the terms of reference for feasibility study of Ninh Thuan Solar Power Project with an estimated initial investment capital of over US$2 billion.

According to Mr. Huynh Kim Lap, Chairman of Thien Tan Group, The Ninh Thuan Solar Power Project having a “terrible” capacity of 1,000 MW is considered as a key project in the National Power Planning of Vietnam.

The 1,000 MW Ninh Thuan Thien Tan Solar Project is divided into five plants with different capacities and will be invested in several phases so that the total capacity completed by 2020. Among five plants, the first plant has capacity of 50 MW, and the plants No4 and No5 have capacity of 300 MW each.

At the present, Thien Tan Group has signed a contract of tens millions of US$ to purchase solar panels from the First Solar Group.

USTDA representative assessed, the Ninh Thuan Solar Power Project is a potential one and suitable with the sponsored standards. This project will help develop clean energy in Vietnam. At the meeting, USTDA and Thien Tan also shared in more detail the information, procedures and legal documents for the project well as the support of USTDA for the project.

The Chairman of Thien Tan Group wishes the USTDA to actively support Thien Tan Group and Black & Veatch to coordinate one with other for completing the feasibility study as soon as possible to create favorable conditions for project implementation with fair schedule and assured quality.

The USTDA representative emphasized: "The USTDA is very happy to support the development of renewable energy production in Vietnam through Thien Tan solar power project. The USTDA will create favorable conditions for the two parties to sign the sponsorship agreement for Thien Tan Group and Black & Veatch to carry out a feasibility study for the Ninh Thuan solar power project".

In addition to the largest solar power project in Vietnam in Ninh Thuan, Thien Tan Group is carrying out a solar power project at Mo Duc district (Quang Ngai province) with a capacity of 19.2 MW on an area of nearly 30 hectares.

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