First Nuclear Power Equipment “Made in Vietnam” by Doosan Vina

First Nuclear Power Equipment “Made in Vietnam” by Doosan Vina - 

On July 4, 2016, at Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam, Dung Quat Economic Zone, Binh Thuan Commune, Binh Son District, Quang Ngai, Vietnam, Doosan Vina held a contract signing ceremony with Korrea's nuclear power plant to produce nuclear power equipment of the 1,400 MW Shin Kori units 5 & 6  NPP Project. The history marks the beginning of a new era in Vietnam and signifies the nation’s growing stature as an industrialized nation.

“The contract signed to fabricate and supply four tanks for the 1,400 MW Shin Kori units 5 & 6 nuclear power plant project in Korea is historical and it is happening right here in Quang Ngai; this is the first time that nuclear power equipment will be made in Vietnam and we couldn’t be prouder that our Vietnamese technicians will be a part of this important milestone in Vietnam’s development,” said Yeon In Jung CEO & GD of Doosan Vina.

To be allowed to manufacture this high tech equipment the company is required to undergo stringent inspections and meet strict quality control procedures that are designated by ASME which is the global organization that inspects and certifies those companies who want to manufacture nuclear power equipment. Doosan Vina was certified by ASME with 6 certificates in NPT, NA, NS, Site NPT, Site NA, Site NS in 2014 and is the only company in Southeast Asia certified to manufacture this highly critical equipment.

Shin Koria, (Korea) units 1 and 2 began operating in 2011 and 2012, unit 3 was connnected to the grid in January 2016 while unit 4 is expected to start operating in early 2017. Doosan is as one of four members of a consortium of companies contracted to buid Shin Kori 5 and 6.

Some photos of the nuclear power plant:

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