Siemens to showcase latest technologies at Vietnam Industrial Fiesta 2015

Siemens to showcase latest technologies at Vietnam Industrial Fiesta 2015 - 

Vietnam Industrial Fiesta 2015, a premier trade exhibition for the manufacturing and process industries, takes place in Dong Nai province of Vietnam, from 10th to 11th June 2015.

Siemens showcase at the Exhibition.

“The automation market in Vietnam is becoming more competitive with the increasing emergence of prominent suppliers from Europe as well as the low-price strategies implemented by a number of manufacturers in the region. But Siemens remains the sole manufacturer providing a totally integrated and complete product range,” said Dr. Thai-Lai Pham, President and CEO of Siemens Vietnam.

“Our state-of-the-art integrated technologies and tailor-made solutions have helped customers in the metal, cement, paper, food and beverage, and oil and gas industries to enhance their productivity, energy efficiency and flexibility while at the same time mitigate the impact on the environment and improve their competitive capacity on the market. TIA Portal helps Vietnamese customers reduce engineering time by 30 – 50%, which translates to significant cost savings,“ concluded Dr. Pham.

Efficiency and productivity are two critical success factors for the manufacturing industry. Engineering plays a central role in the sector as machinery and plants become more sophisticated. Therefore, a high level of efficiency is required at the engineering stage – the first step toward a faster, more flexible and highly intelligent production process. Siemens’ answer to this is: Totally Integrated Automation (TIA).

TIA refers to the efficient interoperability of all automation components. The open system architecture covers the entire production process and is based on the following shared characteristics – consistent data management, global standards, as well as uniform hardware and software interfaces. These shared characteristics minimize engineering time, which results in lower costs, reduced time to market and increased flexibility.

Siemens is showcasing three of its innovative technologies at Vietnam Industrial Fiesta 2015 that can help its customers enhance their automation processes. They include SIMATIC S7-1500, Logo! 8 and Simocode Pro.

The SIMATIC S7-1500 controller sets new standards for maximized productivity. This solution benefits small-series machines and complex installations that require speed and consistency. The SIMATIC S7-1500 is seamlessly integrated in the TIA Portal for maximum engineering efficiency. It is innovatively designed and provides easy handling for simple usage.

Logo! 8 is the intelligent logic module that can replace a large number of conventional switching and control devices as well as perform small-scale automation tasks quickly to free up space in switch cabinets. This new module accommodates the demands of customers with simplified handling, a new display, and full communication options via Ethernet.

Simocode Pro is the flexible and modular motor control system that harnesses the full potential of extensive motor data to increase process control quality. It helps to prevent faults in automated processes, costly plant downtimes and detects pending errors at an early stage of the production process.

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