Inaugurating the first Waste-to-Energy Plant in Hanoi

Inaugurating the first Waste-to-Energy Plant in Hanoi - 

The 1.93 MW first Waste-to-Energy Plant (NEDO plant) in Hanoi City has been inaugurated and synchronized with the National Power System.

The project with a total cost of 645 billion VND invested by the grant fund of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Japan (472 billion VND) and reciprocal fund (173 billion VND) from Hanoi City budget occupies 16,809 m2 in Nam Son Waste Treatment Complex, Nam Son Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi City.

On Sep 16, 2016, after 22 months of deployment, the construction and technical equipment installation of NEDO plant was completed and it was put into testing operation.

All the equipment and operation technology of the plant were provided and handed over by Hitachi Zosen Company (Japan).

NEDO plant uses the advanced waste-to-energy technology of Japan with a capacity of 75 tons per day. This is considered as a pioneering project in the treatment of industrial waste and a modern project unprecedented in Vietnam and the region.

Regarding participation in the project development of the Vietnamese side, Hanoi Urban Environment Company implemented constructing the foundation and relevant technical infrastructure items, installing and operating the technological equipment (under the supervision and assessment of Japanese experts).

On March 16, 1917, the NEDO plant generated a power of about 1.93 MW, of which 1.20 MW to the system and 0.73 MW for self use of the plant.

At present, NEDO plant has fully satisfied the conditions for acceptance of production as well as current environmental standards.

The project expects to be completely handed over to Hanoi Urban Environment Company for management and operation by October, 2017.

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