First “Made in Vietnam” Supercritical Power Plant Boiler Completed

First “Made in Vietnam” Supercritical Power Plant Boiler Completed - 

After fifteen months of manufacture, on June 4th ,2014, at Dung Quat Economic Zone, Quang Ngai Province, Doosan Vina announced that the eighth and final shipment of the first “Made in Vietnam” Supercritical-Once-thru power plant boiler had been loaded and shipped to Kudgi, India.

In total the two 800 MW super-critical coal-fired boilers weighed over 13,000 tons and represent a substantial leap in Vietnams industrial development and Doosan Vina’s power plant design, engineering and manufacturing ability. This is historic as it is the very first power plant boiler of the type to be manufactured in Vietnam.

The two 800 MW Kudgi “Supercritical Once-Thru Boilers” will deliver 2,550 tons of high pressure steam per hour and operate under extreme temperatures & pressures. Temperatures can reach 569 degrees Celsius and attain pressure levels of 271 kilograms per square centimeter. Doosan Vina is one of a handful of companies worldwide that are certified by ASME to manufacture these high tech power plant boilers.

The project required eight shipments in total and the 13,102 tons of coils, panels, headers and links will be assembled on site in India and soon begin producing power to fuel India’s development.

“We’ve worked hard on this history making project and are proud that another Vietnamese made power plant boiler is out there generating power to light the world for our neighbors in India; each time we complete a boiler the Vietnamese reputation as a global player in the power sector increases and will bring us more and more customers from around the world,” said To Lan Phuong, Manufacturing Engineering Section Manager.

Since commencing operations in 2009 Doosan Vina’s Boiler shop has manufactured two 600MW boilers for the Mong Duong II power plant in northern Vietnam. And globally 12 other power plant boilers that bear the “Made in Vietnam” label are now hard at work in: Brazil (360MW x 4 units), Saudi Arabia (275MW x 2 units), India (600MW x 2 units + 800MW x 2 units) and Egypt (650MW x 2units).

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