Doosan Engine Develops Ecofriendly, High-Performance Engine with Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

Doosan Engine Develops Ecofriendly, High-Performance Engine with Enhanced Fuel Efficiency - 

Doosan Engine announced on January 13 that it recently completed the development of the Generation X engine, which offers exceptional efficiency and fuel consumption performance to provide a favourable Energy Efficiency Design Index(EEDI). Furthermore, the improvement in fuel consumption, when compared to conventional marine engine options, results in correspondingly reduced CO2 and NOx emissions.

The Generation X engine is able to boost output as the moving distance of the pistons in the engine has been increased. Doosan Engine began developing the engine jointly with Wärtsilä in 2011, and completed it with a pilot operation conducted on the day.

The output of the Generation X engine is 15 percent greater than that of conventional engines. While conventional engines of its class can generate 25,000 horsepower, the new engine can produce 29,000 horsepower, and thus can be suited to a broad range of ship types, including Capesize bulk carriers, Suezmax tankers, and Feeder/Panamax container ships

Furthermore, the Generation X engine consumes a smaller amount of fuel to produce the same output compared with conventional marine engine options in its class, and hence can save US$ 750,000 in fuel costs per year per engine. Considering the average lifespan of vessels amounts to 30 years, the engine will save a total of US$ 23.5 million in fuel costs. In addition, the new engine is an ecofriendly engine that meets the International Maritime Organization’s Tier II environmental standard.

The engine will be installed in the 3,900 TEU-class containership under construction at Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. in China, which will be delivered to Pacific International Line (PIL) in Singapore in June. Doosan Engine will develop Generation X engines in diverse sizes, and expand its application to large container vessels.

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