The Government issues the Charter of organization and operation of Vietnam Electricity

The Government issues the Charter of organization and operation of Vietnam Electricity - 

 The Prime Minister has just issued a Decree on the Charter of organization and operation of Vietnam Electricity (EVN)

The operational objective of EVN is:

- Sustainable, effective and profitable business; conservation and development of the State-owned capital invested in EVN and EVN’s investment in other enterprises; to complete other duties assigned by the State.

- Playing a central role in developing EVN as a Group of diversified ownership, in which State ownership is dominant; modern technologies and management; and high specialization.

- Performing two main operatinal fields as power production and business; closely joining production and business activities with science and technology advances, developing research; training the core manpower source, in order to promote the Power sector of Vietnam to grow up promply, sustainably and competitively; incorporate effectively with the global economy.

- Maximizing operational efficiency of EVN .

- Implementing power generation, transmission, distribution and business; directing operation of power production, transmission and distribution system and power deal in the national power system; power import and export; investment and investment management of power projects; management, operation, maintenance, upgrading and improvement of electrical, mechanical and control-automatic equipment of power generation, transmission and distribution systems, and electrical testing bases

Charter capital of EVN at December 31st, 2012 was VND143,404 billion. The State is the owner of EVN. The Government shall unify management and organization to realize the rights and obligations of the state owner for EVN.

Management and executive structure of EVN is the Members’ Council, General Director, Deputy General Directors and Chief Accountant, assistant team. The Members’Council consists of seven members. The term of a member shall not exceed five years.

EVN is comprised of 20 member units under the holding company, 18 subsidiaries, 8 companies holding less than 50% of the charter capital.

With reference to Decree No.205/2013/ND-CP dated December 6th, 2013.

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