Shaping Vietnam’s Sustainable Power Sector Development

Shaping Vietnam’s Sustainable Power Sector Development - 

On November 4, 2015, in Da Nang city, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) held the conference "Shaping Vietnam’s Sustainable Power Sector Development" to summarize the achievements in the process of renewing power sector and discuss the measures for strengthening the participation of the international donors and various economic sectors to Vietnam's Power Sector Development in future. Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Hoang Trung Hai attended and spoke at the Conference.

At the Conference, participants shared about enhancing effective energy use, expanding renewable energy sources and strengthening electricity exchange with regional countries to help electricity demand growth rate of Vietnam increasing for 7-10 % per year up to 2030.

Speaking at the Conference, DPM Hoang Trung Hai said: "Party and State of Vietnam always pay attention to power sector and set a target to develop electricity one step ahead for meeting the requirements of the socio-economic development and electricity demand of the people, ensuring national defense and energy security of the country.

Thanks to this interest and incessant efforts of the electricity sector, the Vietnam National Power System has made great development progress, guaranteed sufficient electricity supply with a more and more improved and enhanced quality and reliability for the socio-economic development ".

Since 1990, the proportion of the people provided with electricity has increased from 54% to 98%. In the last two decades, 10 million households (equivalent to 40 million people) have access to electricity, mainly through the process of rural electrification under the National Programs on hunger eradication and poverty reduction.

Mr. Axel van Trotsenburg, Vice President of the World Bank, in charge of East Asian and Pacific region said: "Vietnam has done well supplying ability of access to electricity for almost 100% of the population. The main problem today for Vietnam’s energy sector is how to meet the demand in future, while having to comply with the Government's commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emission in the context of climate change ".

Vietnam has a high renewable energy proportion in the total power generation mix, where hydropower rate is 42%, much higher than in many countries of the world.

According to a study of an expert of WB in the report "Exploring a Low Carbon Development Path for Vietnam’s Energy” presented at the Conference, a low carbon growth scenario will not adversely affect economic growth in Vietnam.

Vietnam continues commitments to carry out electricity competitive markets and the government has outlined a clear roadmap for Competitive Wholesale Electricity Market, fully operated by 2021.

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