Sale electricity increased for 13% in the first quarter, 2016

Sale electricity increased for 13% in the first quarter, 2016 - 

Electricity demand in the first quarter, 2016 increased by 13.08%, for 2% higher than planned. The national power system operated safely and stably to sufficiently satisfy the demands of production and business, socio-cultural and living activities of the people in the country.

Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) informed: The power generation of the whole system in March, 2016 was 14.92 billion kWh. In the first quarter, the national power system achieved a 40.9 billion kWh total generation up 14.25% to the same period of 2015, with a 507.81 million kWh highest daily generation and a 24,638 MW highest peak load.

Regarding sale electricity, in the first quarter the country consumed 35.11 billion kWh, increased by 13.08% in comparison with the same period of 2015, among that domestic consumption increased by 13.25%. The electricity consumption structure of the country is as follows:

Industry-construction 52.9% up 9.48% compared to 2015

Agriculture 2.7% -- 63.10% --------------

Commerce 5.2% -- 24.73% --------------

Population M &C 34.6% -- 14.76% --------------

Others 4.6% -- 11.14% --------------

The power transmission trend of 500 kV transmission system, this quarter, was mainly from the North to the Center (2.97 billion kWh) and the Center to the South (1.88 billion kWh).

So the North – South 500kV system already brought into play its important role in guaranteeing energy security for central and southern regions with a transmission output as about 13.5% demand of these regions

At the sites of the hydropower projects as Lai Chau, Huoi Quang, Trung Son, Song Bung 2, Da Nhim and Thac Mo extension; and thermal power projects as Duyen Hai 3, Duyen Hai 3 extension, Vinh Tan 4 and Thai Binh 1 the works are implemented closely to planned progress schedule. Specially, at Thai Binh 1 site, the stream drum of unit #1 has been raised to the position up a month to schedule.

In the first quarter, 2016 EVN already completed powering 48 grid projects as 500kV substation Pleicu 2, 220kV line Vung Ang – Ba Don –Dong Hoi and started up 20 projects (one 220kV and nineteen 110kV projects).

Based on an expected demand growth rate of about 13% compared with the same period in 2015, EVN forecasts daily demand as about 505 million kWh in April, 540 million kWh in June and July and highest peak load up to 28,730 MW in dry season – quarter 2 .

EVN sets a target of operating power system as to reasonably exploit power plants for ssufficient and safe electricity supply until the end of the dry season. Concretely as: regulating and exploiting hydropower basins in Central high land and South by water saving modes to meet water demand for the lowlands; high mobilizing coal, gas and oil fired power plants and safely, reliably operating regional interconnected power transmission systems.

Based on its electricity supply – demand calculation, EVN confirms, National power system will sufficiently meet electricity demand in the second quarter, 2016.

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