Powering the transformer AT2 in Son La 500 kV Transformer Substation

Powering the transformer AT2 in Son La 500 kV Transformer Substation - 

The National Power Transmission Corporation (EVN NPT) has just powered the 500 kV-900 MW Transformer AT2 in Son La 500 kV Transformer Substation under the project “Raising capacity of Son La 500 kV Transformer Substation”. The National Power Transmission Corporation (EVN NPT) has just powered the 500 kV-900 MW Transformer AT2 in Son La 500 kV Transformer Substation under the project “Raising capacity of Son La 500 kV Transformer Substation” 

500 kV-900MW Transformer AT2 in Son La 500 kV Transformer Substation.

The project “Raising capacity of Son La 500 kV Transformer Substation” has a goal to: replace two existing 500/220/35kV - 450MVA transformers by the two 500/220/35kV – 900 MVA ones; improve, supplement and replace relevant materials and equipment suitable for the new transformers.

This is an energy project in B group, special grade with an about VND 312 billion total investment level. The project invested by EVN NPT, managed by Management Board of Central power projects, constructed by Single Member Limited Power Construction Company No 4, experimented by Northern Single Member Limited Power Experiment Company and received for management and operation by Power Transmission Company No1.

Powering the 900 MVA transformer AT2 in Son La 500kV transformer substation has an important meaning for guaranteeing power release and transmission from hydropower plants in North-west region to the National Power System to meet the growth rate of power demand in the north and country, enhance quality of electricity for regional power grid, improve reliability and flexibility in power grid operation and electricity supply.

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