Japanese ODA fund of nearly 40 billion Yen for Power Projects in Vietnam

Japanese ODA fund of nearly 40 billion Yen for Power Projects in Vietnam - 

With a 112,414 billion Yên total loan from Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) for 7 projects of Vietnam recently, of which, nearly 40 billion Yen for two power projects.

On March 31, 2015, Mr. Bui Quang Vinh the Minister of Planning and Investment on behalf of Vietnamese Government and Mr. Hiroshi Fukada the Japanese Ambassador in Vietnam on behalf of Japanese Government signed a diplomatic note on Japanese ODA fund supply for 07 projects with a total fund of 112.414 billion Yen in Vietnam, including a nearly 40 billion Yen item for power projects as 29.786 billion Yen for distribution electric network projects and 9.873 billion Yen for Thai Binh I Thermal Power Plant with the annexable power transmission grid.

The distribution electric network projects provided with 29.786 billion Yen.

The ODA funds Japanese Government has supplied forVietnamese Government to develop the socio-economic infrastructures, create the comfortable conditions for Vietnam to promote foreign investment attraction and international economic integration.

Since 1992, when Japan returned to provide ODA for Vietnam, Japanese Government has financed about 2500 billion Yen for Vietnamese Government, so far.

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