EVNGENCO 2 archieved 15.6 billion kWh generation in 2014

EVNGENCO 2 archieved 15.6 billion kWh generation in 2014 - 

Power Generation Corporation 2 (EVNGENCO 2) informed that its generation in 2014 reached 15.6 billion kWh, accouting for 116.68% the plan and increasing 23.43% in comparison with that in 2013.

From the total generation of the Corporation, the proportion of coal thermal power was about 12.6 billion kWh, accounting for 80.77%; the hydropower - 2.9 billion kWh and 18.52%; the oil thermal power - 111.112 million kWh and 0.71%.

Thus, the proportion of EVNGENCO 2 was about 18% of EVN generation and 11.3% of the total national generation.

In order to reach the above successful results, in 2014 EVNGENCO 2 had to strengthen the activities on examining, supervising, and maintaining equipment to decrease faults, increase reliability and availability of power aggregates and bring into play active and high responsible spirit for meeting the operation procedures of the National Power System Dispatching Center.

In 2015, EVENGENCO 2 plans to produce 16.3 billion kWh, increasing 21.6% in comparision with that in 2014. This plan has been established on the basis of business result of the corporation in 2014, the water level on the reservoirs of the hydropower plants at the end of 2014, and the Decision No11115/QD-BCT dated on December 12, 2014 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on approving the plan of the power supply and power system operation in 2015.

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