EVN sets an important target for the Electricity Access Index

EVN sets an important target for the Electricity Access Index - 

The Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has set a target for “electricity access index (EAI) of Vietnam to reach at least the position of 60/190 countries and economies”. This is one of the targets EVN asks its subsidiaries to implement, mentioned in Derective No 989/CT-EVN on 2018 Business and Customer Service activities issued at February 28, 2018.

In Direction No 989/CT-EVN, EVN assigns its subsidiaries to guarantee sufficient electricity supply for socio-economic development and living activities of the people with an increasing reliability and quality, comprehensively fulfill all the 2018 plan targets, prepare measures to cope with unsual developments of the weather and averse situations in electricity supply, especially in the dry and hot seasons of 2018.

EVN also asks power corporations and companies to actively put forward and participate in establishing, adjusting and supplementing power planning to ensure that the investment in development of power grids is efficient and meets requirements on load development

One of the specific targets on 2018 business and customer service activities is to reach the EAI position of 60/190 countries and economies. According to 2017 Business Environment Report issued by the Doing Business – World Bank, the 2017 EAI of Vietnam was 78.69/100 points with a position of 64/190 countries and economies..

Besides, EVN still requires the leaders and employments of the subsidiaries to strongly change the thought that EVN has now transferred from providing electricity service to civilized service for the customers and enterprises. Power corporations and companies should select the specific targets to achieve the same positions as leading countries in ASEAN.

EVN directs its Business Department to review and adopt comments from the subsidiaries on the electricity sypply service regulations and business proccesses promulgated in 2017 for proposing electronic transactions with customers, supplying online, clear and simple services. Continuing to apply techologies into business and customer service activities, promoting to implement rooftop solarpower pprojects are also central tasks assigned to subsidiaries in 2018.

In the Directive, EVN also proposes to promote visual communication and on mass media, social network on business and customer service activities; every employee must carry out business culture of EVN in each job.

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