EVN hydropower projects are going abreast the construction progress

EVN hydropower projects are going abreast the construction progress - 

According to the information of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), by the end of April 2015, all hydropower projects (HPP) invested by the Group are going abreast the outline construction progress.

The concrete development situation of the HPPs under construction at present is as follows: For Lai Chau HPP-the largest project, the last roller concrete batch has been completed (May 2), and the dam has reached a height of 302.4 meters, with a total volume of 1.9 million cubic meters.

This is the one of civil work items for stopper of headrace canal for storing up water in reservoir by the June of this year and prepare for power generation of the Unit No.1 at the end of 2015. In April, the transportation of supersize equipment for Lai Chau HPP was also in time for installation; the 127 flood avoided route has been temporarily allowed traffic through, and expects to be officially allowed traffic through and handed over for use in May 2015.

For Huoi Quang HPP, the civil and equipment installation works on the main objects have been basically done in time schedule as planned. The money disbursement is commonly favorable. At present, a priority is given to disbursing loan from the French Development Agency (FDA) due to the dead-line at the end of August 2015.

On Ban Chat HPP there were constructed simultaneously 7 civil work items / shortcoming works in April.

For Thuong Kontum HPP, the documents on design, costs estimate, requirements for water intake, 5km tunnel beginning part and headrace tunnel digging bidding packages are being completed. The total investment costs level is also adjusted to submit for approval.

The other HPPs as Trung Son, Song Bung 2 are being implemented normally and in time schedules.

For the Da Nhim HPP extension project (expected to start construction in December 2015), all the bidding documents for three main packages have been already issued.

To continue ensuring the hydropower projects to be implemented in time schedules, EVN has required the Project Management Boards to speed up the construction contractors to strengthen equipment and manpower for accelerating implementation progress to meet the time schedules and plans.

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