EVN has added 1,622MW to the National Power System

EVN has added 1,622MW to the National Power System - 

In the first 9 months of 2014, most power projects of EVN were implemented on schedule, especially 4 units of power plants with a total capacity of 1622 MW have been synchronized with the National Power System.

The situation of investment development of EVN power projects, recent months can be summarized as follows:

For the power plant projects: EVN has completed and put into operation 2 units (No1&2-2x622 = 1244MW) of Vinh Tan 2 thermal power plant, an unit (No 2 - 300MW) of Hai Phong 2 thermal power plant and an unit (No1-78MW) of Song Bung 4 hydropower plant, and started to construct 3 projects as Thai Binh thermal power plant (600 MW), Vinh Tan 4 thermal power plant (1200 MW) and Thac Mo Hydropower Plant extension (75 MW).

For the power grid projects, EVN has powered 29 projects of 220-500kV and 73 projects of 110 kV with a total transmission line length of 2,476 kilometers and a total transformer substation capacity of around 7,500 MVA, and started to construct 28 power grid projects of 220-500kV.

Regarding the work for 1A National and Ho Chi Minh highways land clearance, 5,148/5,177 positions of the power projects under EVN Central Power Corporation Management have been moved. All the four 500kV projects which have a very important mean in ensuring safety power supply (creating a 500kV loop circle) for Southern region (as 500kV Pleiku - My Phuoc - Cau Bong, Phu Lam – O Mon, Vinh Tan - Song May transmission lines and 500kV Cau Bong transformer substation) have been fulfilled as planed in the 2014.

The 220kV Cau Bong – Cu Chi transmission line (from Cau Bong 500/220kV substation) and Cu Chi transformer substation have been already put into operation

Currently, the investment procedures and capital arrangement for Pleiku 2 500kV transformer substation is urgently complete in order to start the construction at the end of 2014.

The transformer substation projects in Phu My 2 Industrial Zone, 220kV Song May - Uyen Hung transmission line and 220kV Uyen Hung transformer substation are also expected to be completed in 2014.

The difficulties and complications in land clearance are still the major obstacles for power grid projects, said an EVN’s leader.

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