EVN announced to deploy ‘electricity bill with QR Code application'

EVN announced to deploy ‘electricity bill with QR Code application' - 

On December 9, 2020, in Hanoi, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) held a ceremony for announcing to deploy "electricity bill with Quick Response (QR) code application. This event marks the process of continuing to apply new technologies and solutions to bring the most convenience to electricity customers in the country.

Ceremony for announcing to deploy “electricity bill with QR code application".

The application of QR codes according to the State Bank's standards demonstrates EVN's efforts to continuously improve and bring electricity services to customers more and more conveniently, openly, and transparently on the basis of applying modern technology, contributing to promoting a digital economy development.

This is an event in the Customer Grateful Month in 2020 and forwards to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the Traditional Day of Vietnam Electricity Industry (December 21, 1954 - December 21, 2020).

In recent years, EVN continuously innovated customer service with a more friendly and modern goal. In 2015, EVN applied electronic bills to all customers, from December 21, 2018, EVN provided online electricity services at level 4, and from December 12, 2019, signed the electronic contracts for PPA and electricity services. In December 2019, EVN provided 100% of online electricity services on the National Public Service Portal. In March 2020, EVN announced a new electricity bill pattern, more easy-to-monitor and friendly for electricity customers.

From January 2021, EVN will deploy a QR code application according to the State Bank's standards for all electricity customers. Every customer will have their own QR code. The customer has not to remember the customer QR code during transactions with EVN and the payment for electricity services will be more simple and more advantageous.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung, Head of Business Board of EVN introduces QR code on Electronic Bill.

Up to now the units under EVN have cooperated with over banks, 10 payment intermediaries, and around 10,000 organizations, personals for the services on electricity retail selling to carry out electricity bill collection with ensuring an annual regular collection rate of 99.7%. At present, in the whole EVN, the number of customers making non-cash electricity payment reaches 70.25% with a money sum rate of 91.54%.

At present, EVN is continuously implementing the project on researching and applying the technology of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and project on digital conversion.

EVN’s orient is strongly continuing digital conversion in its production and business activities with a goal to make EVN early to become a digital enterprise and modern, sustainable, and effective economic group.


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