Belgium assists Vietnam to improve the Power Transmission System

Belgium assists Vietnam to improve the Power Transmission System - 

The National Power Transmission Corporation of Electricity of Vietnam (EVNNPT) and Belgium Elia Grid International (EGI) coordinated to hold a workshop for EGI to present the kick-off report under project “Evaluating the current situation of the National Power Transmission System and proposing solutions to overcome the shortcomings”.

At the workshop, EGI presented draft report (first time) and took comments of EVN NPT for EGI to adjust, supplement and complete the final report at the end of 2017. The subcontractor of the project is Institute of Energy (Vietnam).

The kick-off report includes four main subjects:

Firstly, the system of legal documents in power transmission.

Secondly, the management and operation, establishing plans and planning of the transmission grids.

Thirdly, evaluating assets, technical and professional levels.

Fourthly, management and business models.

The second draft report expects to be completed at the first half of November and the final report of the project will be finished just after that to submit to EVNNPT for approval.

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