Vang Danh Coal Stock Company has put “Vang Danh 30 wells kiln conveyer” Project into operation

Vang Danh Coal Stock Company has put “Vang Danh 30 wells kiln conveyer” Project into operation - 

The project with a total investment of VND 3.7 billion includes two main working parts as kiln digging and equipment installation.

Digging an under rock 94m length, 10.9-15.9m2 cross-section kiln was completed on May 8th,2014, for 7 days earlier than the registered date. After the completion of the kiln digging, a 100m B800 conveyer belt was installed and the whole project has been put into operation on the occasion of 50th Anniversary of the Company foundation.

The project has brought practical results such as: transporting all amount of pitting mining coal from +0 -:- +105 levels via VTG1 4001 conveyor belt to selective station without any obstacle for production when removing two sets of the conveyers of the +110 -:- - 175 well kiln for fitting B1200 belts; stopping two conveyors of +110 -:- – 30 main well kiln (the conveyor is pouring cold into rock -separated stations). In brief, the project reduces the number of operators at the 1 conveyor and workers providing material at the rock-separated station); and, at the same time, it is no need to use automobiles for transporting coal from the rock-separated station at +110 well door to the coal selective screening yard ...

Generally, the project aims to perfect the transport route of the coal from Vang Danh well kilns (+0 level) in order to increase capacity from 900,000 tonnes to 1,500,000 tonnes, contributing to complete the plans in 2014 and the following years assigned by the Corporation.

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