The proposal to increase coal export quota to Japan

The proposal to increase coal export quota to Japan - 

Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has haven a paper to Prime Minister (PM) on the proposal to increase export quota of high quality coal dust to Japan in the condition that coal export to China is difficult due to the technical barriers of this country.

MOIT informed, the beginning plan of the coal export in 2017 was 02 million tons of the lamp coal and coal dust No 1,2,3 to Japan, Korea and a number of European countries; and 02 million tons of the coal dusts No 4b.3’ 5a.3, 5b.3 in Vang Danh, Uong bi areas to China. However, Chinese side requires that, the quality of import coal from Vietnam before mixing for use must be re-examined according to the standard barriers of micro elements as Mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As), Phosphorus (P), Chlorine (Cl), Fluorine (F)…

Recently, Vinacomin and a number of Chinese partners were in cooperation to analyze many samples of Vietnam anthracite in domestic and international laboratories with a result that the coal has not meted the requirements of standard barriers on micro elements regulated by Chinese government. Therefore, up to now no any contract on exporting coal dust No 4b.3, 5a.3, 5b.3 to Chinese market in 2017 has been signed that led to inventory coal level of 2.5 million tons of Vang Danh- Uong Bi areas.

To handle this inventory coal, Vinacomin is now looking for the other partners as Thailand, Korea… to export about 2.0 million tons.

It hopes, the technical barriers from China would be removed and as a result, the ability of exporting Vang Danh – Uong Bi coal increased. However, MOIT asks the government to allow Vianacomin to sign the long term contracts for exporting lamp coal and high quality coal dust (No1,2,3) to Japan due to no need in domestic market. MOIT considers, if the government agrees with this proposal, the coal sector expects to export about 4.05 million tons in 2018. And the long term export to Japan will help Vietnam to maintain and exploit the foreign long term credit sources, the credit guarantee that Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JIBIC) considers granting Vinacomin to support training of human resources for production and development, and obtain additional sources of foreign currency, etc.

Currently, the PM has allowed Vinacomin to export the lamp coal and high quality coal dust that is no need for domestic market in 2017 – 2020period. However, the JIBIC requires, at least, 5 Japanese fiscal years, so MOIT asks the PM to allow Vinacomin to sign long term principle contract on exporting lump coal and high quality coal dust until 2025The Vinacomin will carry out the concrete export coal amounts in accordance with current regulations and suitable with the annual export plan improved by the PM.

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