Domestic coal will be not enough for power generation

Domestic coal will be not enough for power generation - 

Energy security of Vietnam will be affected by placing the too large focus as an over half of power generation to coal-fired thermal power plants, that the Green Incentive Development Center (GreenID) has warned on Sept.29, 2015.

World energy has changed from using fossil fuels to renewable energy, while Vietnam energy is moving in contrary direction, as it shown in the Power Master Plan VII where the coal- fired thermal power will be increased up to more than 50% by 2030.

According to the forecast of energy experts, coming years the domestic coal will be not enough for power generation so as coal import in Vietnam may reach 46.7 million tons by 2020 and 157 million tons by 2030.

However, it is not simple to import a large coal amount by the long-term contracts, not to mention the dependence on fluctuation of prices in the international market.

At present, in Vietnam there are 19 coal-fired thermal power plants operating and at least two-third of them using Quang Ninh coal.

Mrs. Khanh said, it is a very important solution for sustainable energy development to make a general energy planning with power demand forecast on fact, closely glued up GDP growth and applying suitable technologies for saving energy, increasing renewable energy rate, minimizing emission and impact on the people and environment.

Green ID will also publish the research results about the water environment impact from Quang Ninh thermal power plants in Ha Long city and share documents collected in the nationwide areas, where coal-fired thermal power plants are being operated and constructed.

According to the data published by the GreenID, the ash and slag emission from coal-fired thermal power plants in Vietnam, that greatly impacts on environment and community health is estimated as a huge amount of about 14.8 million tons per year from 2020 and up to 29.1 million tons per year from 2030

This is the first time a study group of Harvard University - USA to announce the research results on "the effects related to people health due to increasing emission from coal in Southeast Asia" in Vietnam.

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