Developing Khe Cham II – IV pit coal mining project

Developing Khe Cham II – IV pit  coal mining  project - 

Recently, the contract on developing Khe Cham II – IV coal pit mining project – a main point project of Vinancomin was signed between Ha Long Coal Company and China Coal Construction No.3 Co.Ltd.

The model of Khe Cham II-IV pit mining project.

According to the contract, China Coal Construction No.3 Co.,Ltd will be responsible to construct the main vertical well trunk, auxiliary well + 35 / -500, contiguous tunnels, a number of platform tunnels -350, kiln junction at -500 level and install well frame system, pipelines and technical cables in two wells of Khe Cham II - IV project.

This is one of the special important items to decide the progress of Khe Cham II-IV project implementation.

Khe Cham II-IV coal mine is a project of large size and total investment level of Vinacomin. The specific characteristic of the project is that it to be exploited simultaneously with the open mines up.

Right after signing contract, China Coal Construction No.3 Co., Ltd has started to develop the project.

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