Creating an impulse for the energy market

14:44 |11/04/2014

The monopoly of state-owned businesses in the energy (electricity, gas, petroleum and coal) market and the fact that this market is yet to operate in accordance with market competition principles have created barriers hindering the ...

Confirming Vietnamese creativity

13:45 |11/04/2014

The 12th National Technological Innovation Awards were granted to 88 projects in Hanoi on March 31, contributing to confirming the will and creativity of the Vietnamese. These were useful projects, helping users save time and ...

Landville given final warning

13:43 |11/04/2014

South Korea’s Landville Energy has failed to persuade the Ninh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee to extend the timeline for studying the feasibility of a wind farm in the province.

Gazprom Neft to acquire Dung Quat oil refinery stake

11:24 |10/04/2014

Gazprom Neft, one of the leading oil producers in Russia, is concluding a deal with a Vietnamese partner acquire a stake at the Dung Quat oil refinery and to modernise the plant.

Warning LandVille on the progress of Renewable Energy Project in Ninh Thuan Province

08:45 |10/04/2014

Vice President of Ninh Thuan Provicial People's Committee (PPC) Tran Xuan Hoa signed a paper to recall LandVille Energy Corporation (Korea) to the delay of implementing procedures for investing wind power project in accordance ...

431,000 kWh saved from 2014 Earth Hour

08:36 |10/04/2014

According to statistics from the National Power Regulation Center, during the one-hour switch-off during the 2014 Earth Hour campaign (from 8.30-9.30pm on March 29), the power output saved of the whole system was 431,000 kWh, ...

Labour safety in coal mining maintained

08:30 |10/04/2014

Coal mining activities, especially in pits, have always involved a high risk of labour accidents. Vietnam National Coal and Minerals Industries Holding Corporation Limited -Vinacomin - has always directed its companies to implement measures to ...

Promotion of Cooporation between Vietnam and Cambodia in Oil and Gas field

08:29 |10/04/2014

Receiving the invitation of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Energy; and Petrolium Central Board of Cambodia, mission team of a Mission of Vietnam Petrolium Corperation(PVN) headed by Deputy Director General Nguyen Quoc Thap and the ...

Anniversary of Friendship

15:55 |08/04/2014

An evening function on the occasion of the 30-th anniversary of the cooperation in development of nuclear technologies between the two countries was held in Dalat (Vietnam).

Innovations in energy “NewGen – Future Energy”

15:21 |08/04/2014

The 3rd International Forum on innovations in energy “NewGen – Future Energy” was held in Moscow. The forum was organized by the Nuclear Information and Exhibition Center Atomexpo with the support from ROSATOM and ...

Improving competitiveness for the steel industry

09:53 |08/04/2014

The Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Circular 03/2014/TT-BCT on technology, machinery and equipment used in the steel industry. According to a circular, machinery and equipment used in the industry must meet provisions of the ...

PM joins charity walk with the disabled

16:25 |07/04/2014

PM Nguyen Tan Dung on Sunday joined thousands of people in a charity walk in Phu My Hung urban zone, Ho Chi Minh City to show support for the Vietnamese disabled people and orphaned children.

Fourth Annual Festival held by Doosan Vina

16:24 |07/04/2014

April 5th, 2014, Dung Quat Economic Zone, Quang Ngai, Vietnam: Doosan Vina's "One Mind Festival" or OMF is a companywide team building event that involves all 2,400 employees. It is an opportunity for employees to ...

Laos recommended to consult MRC again on new hydropower project

14:06 |07/04/2014

Laos Government should consult Mekong River Commission (MRC) on the construction of a new hydropower project which is projected to begin late this year, said Vietnamese senior state officials at a recent press conference of ...

Welcome the first commercial oil flow of Vietnam - Peru cooperation to Market

08:36 |07/04/2014

On April 1st, in Lima the capital of Republic of Peru, Petrovietnam Exploration and Production Corporation (PVEP) and Peru Petroleum Corporation (Perenco) held a valve opening ceremony for sale of the first commercial oil flow ...

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