The coal-fired thermal power plants should be only started if there are the waste handling plans

The coal-fired thermal power plants should be only started if there are the waste handling plans - 

Under the guidance of the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Hoang Trung Hai, the coal-fired thermal power plants (TPPs) that are in the investment preparation should be only allowed for starting construction if there are the clear waste (ash and slag) handing plans, or the contracts in principle with the demand companies.

DPM instructed the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) in coordination with the Ministries of Construction (MoC), Information and Communications (MoIC) and local administrations to promote propaganda on the benefits of using ash and slag in coal-fired TPPs, disseminate the models and the best practices for waste handling in a number of TPPs, enterprises and localities.

MoIT directs the existing and being under construction coal-fired TPPs in collaboration with the Provincial People’ Committees (PPCs), businesses to build the plans for handling and using ash and slag in TPPs for leveling, working rural roads, making building materials..., suitable for the characteristics of each locality. It is very important to focus the guidance for TPPs with the pressing and necessary requirements on this issue as Vinh Tan 2, An Khanh 1, Vung Ang 1, Song Hau 1 and Long Phu 1.

MoIT to preside over and in collaboration with the ministries and relevant agencies, on the basis of preferential mechanisms and policies in the current legal documents for the environmental protection projects; mechanisms and policies stipulated in the Decision No. 1696 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister to guide the waste emission enterprises (TPPs) on waste handling and using enterprises on the preferential mechanisms and policies and support them in implementing waste handing and using projects.

At the same time, MoIT to direct studying international experiences on the technologies of waste handling and using in the fields and propose a technology as a priority for applying in Vietnam.

Deputy Prime Minister assigned the MoC in collaboration with the MoIT to guide preferential mechanisms, policies and support the businesses using ash and slag for making building materials.

MoC to consider building to promulgate or publish for full applying the standards, technical regulations for ash and slag using in the different fields as materials for: consolidating, leveling, embanking, ground, building stone embankments and dams, industrial construction (ports, irrigation projects...), civil engineering (constructing, plastering, waterproofing...) and making building materials (adobe bricks, foam concrete, aerated concrete bricks, ceramic tiles...).

Deputy Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) to organize studying, assessing the environmental influences during the waste handling and using process in order to propose the necessary solutions for waste handling and using activities meeting the requirements of environmental protection accordingly the current regulations.

At the same time, MoNRE to regularly inspect and supervise TPPs with the ash and slag emission to guarantee these TPPs fairly carrying out requirements for environmental protection as mentioned in approved Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

Deputy Prime Minister also asked EVN, Vinacomin, PetroVietnam to promptly coordinate with relevant localities, businesses to build plans for waste handling and using in their TPPs to send to the MoIT to collect and classify.

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