Science, technology seen as motive force of development

Science, technology seen as motive force of development - 

According to the Department of Science and Technology – the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), being aware that conducting research and developing science and technology is one of the important tasks, groups and corporations under MOIT have promoted research and application of scientific and technological solutions to improve productivity and quality of their products, efficiently using material, natural resources while protecting the environment.

The 90 meter jack-up drilling rig, one of the scientific and technological achievements of the industry and trade sector

In terms of scientific and technological research and development, in the 2011-2013 period, the groups and corporations under MOIT actively conducted scientific and technological research at state, ministry and group-corporation levels. The results of the research provided many foundations to for each sector and business to work out specific strategies and development plans and made a positive contribution to designing policies of the state.

Many research projects on new products brought high economic efficiency and contributed to production and business activities such as the scientific and technological works “Searching, detecting and efficiently exploiting oil in Granite foundation stone in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam continental shelf; the research on the 90 meter jack-up drilling rig; the research on new varieties of cotton with high yield, quality and better resistance against pests. There were many projects which led to technological transfers and made products to replace the imports.

The groups and corporations also invested in new facilities like equipment or labs. Those groups with strong financial potential such as Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN), Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin), priorities have always been given to scientific and technological development to meet increasingly high demand in scientific and technological research activities to serve the development of the sector. For example, Vinacomin has built many labs at national and international standards like the lab of the Mine Secure Center and the environmental research lab.

Intensifying investment in building material facilities and researching the scientific and technological projects helped debut new technologies that were successfully applied afterwards. In addition, many advanced technologies were also imported to improve the efficiency of production and business activities. For example, by adopting many new technologies in production such as splitting lignin by oxygen to whiten pulps and recycling discarded paper, Vietnam Paper Corporation (Vinapaco) made important changes in terms of product quality and productivity. Thus, the products of Vinapaco won many awards like the National Quality Award, Golden Globe Award and Vietnam Gold Star Award and were continuously selected as Vietnamese high quality goods and Vietnam’s famous trademark.

At the Machines and Industrial Equipment Corporation (MIE), thanks to cooperation and technological transfers through joint-venture deals with Ukraine and the National Research Institute of Engineering, the corporation has mastered big radius valves and flat valves to provide to construction works of hydropower plants across the country, helping MIE become a leading manufacturer and provider of hydro-mechanical equipment in Vietnam.

Being aware that science and technology is one of the key motive forces for better development, groups and corporations under MOIT have mapped out investment and development plans for science and technology until 2020 with vision until 2030. With these plans, they will keep on their scientific and technological research, investment and applications in production in the coming period.

Head of MOIT’s Department of Science and Technology

Nguyen Dinh Hiep: With the efforts made by units of the industry and trade sector, in the coming time, scientific and technological activities of the sector will remove difficulties and obstacles, resolve limitations and take up valuable opportunities amid deeper international integration in a bid to help science and technology really become a foundation and momentum for the development of the sector and the country.

Source: VEN

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