Improving the regulations to undertake the power project development

Improving the regulations to undertake the power project development - 

The Government Office has just announced the conclusions of the Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai on the Draft of the Decision of the Prime Minister on regulations to undertake and handle development of power plant projects invested by BOO and BOT form, implemented not on committed schedule.

According to the announcement, in recent years, Vietnam power industry made a great progress step, ensured electricity supply for socio-economic development although there were still the certain limitations as development progress of many power plants delays, especially in the construction investment preparation phase. Therefore, the regulation on undertaking project development is necessary measure for the state management agencies and electricity sector to better control project investment preparation implementation, contributing to promote the sense of initiative in guaranteeing electricity supply security.

To strengthen the control of state agencies in the investment preparation process of power plants, the Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) to promptly revise the relative existing regulations for the basis of promulgating newly or supplementing and amending the legal documents of the Ministry (Circulars), that regulate to undertake project development and the mechanisms to deal with the power plant projects implemented not on committed schedule, especially in investment preparation phase by the spirit of: supplementing the clear responsibilities of the project investors (the private investors and state own enterprises) and relative state agencies; resolutely taking back and transferring to other investors the projects implemented not on committed schedule.

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