Approving the project for restructuring Thong Nhat Coal Company - Vinacomin

Approving the project for restructuring Thong Nhat Coal Company - Vinacomin - 

Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin) has officially approved the project for restructuring Thong Nhat Coal Company- Vinacomin in 2017-2020 period. The project has a target to increase turnover by at least 6% per year, conversion labor productivity by at least 5% per year and average income of employees by at least 5% per year… 

According to the decision, the general objective of the restructuring is to build Thong Nhat Coal Company - Vietnacomin to become one of the members of Vinacomin with the technological level and management model in a modern and high specialization direction; streamline organizational structure and labor staffs; labor productivity, product quality and competitive capacity improvement; effective and sustainable activities; keeping an important role in guarantee to supply coal for Vinacomin; constructing a harmonic relation within the company, guaranteeing benefits of Vinacomin, company and employees in the company.

The targets planned to 2020 are: to achieve a production of 2 million tons/year of the pit crude coal, pit digging for preparing production of 8,160 meters/year, amount of employees in accordance with the target production not to exceed 3,400 people, turnover to increase by at least 6%/year, The convert labor productivity and average income of the employees to increase by at least 5%/year.

The main business of Thong Nhat coal company is coal mining, processing and sorting. The company will have to organize exploring to upgrade the resources of 333 level in mining projects below -35, managing the boundary ordinates on the map and in the field for the border mines belonged to Deo Nai Joint Stock, Cao Son companies and North-East Corporation…

The technical and technological targets include: to make the loss rate of pit mining resource not to exceed 20%, the clean coal recovery rate by at least 90%, pit digging factor of 4.14m/1000 tons of crude coal, the electricity consumption rate of ≤ 19kWh/ton of crude coal; and to apply advanced mining technologies, increase capacities of marketplaces by 3-4%/year; carry out mechanization for the all pit coal mining activities as drill, cattle and transport, of which 100% of stone cattle and 70% of coal cattle by machines.

The number of units in the company, after restructure includes at maximum 12 specialized departments plus a health station and 20 workshops

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